The Divine III Step Team and Mentoring Program

St. Louis Female Step Team and Mentoring Program 

History (Mentoring, St. Louis, MO)

               November 2000 Jazzmine Nolan’s father was murdered in the comforts of his home, by two friends in which he adored. Immediately following news, Jazzmine began to experience extreme rebellion again her parents, family, friends, teachers and authority as a whole during her 6th grade year at Gateway Middle School. Searching for an outlet to the pain, agony, heart break, confusion and depression she walked the hallways of Gateway Middle after school until one day she heard a loud noise, a noise that grabbed her attention. That sound was that of stomps and claps by 8th grade students practicing step. After joining that program, Jazzmine was able to express her anger in a way that she wouldn’t be punished, in a place that was safe and where her peers wanted to understand her. Later that year, that program and many others were cut from after school programming at Gateway Middle School. She later announced to her social studies Mr. Moore, “I’m going to make something for girls just like me when I get older Mr. Moore, watch and see!” Still grieving the loss of her father, she exited middle school but was given the opportunity of a step program again at Clyde C. Miller Career Academy where she attended high school. After completing 5 years of stepping, Jazzmine set out on her own to build the program known today at The Divine III Step Team and Mentoring Program.  


                  Immediately upon her graduation from high school, with 35 participants in an after school setting, Jazzmine began her journey at Clyde C. Miller Career Academy at age 18. Since its incorporation, the organization has served at several community centers, schools and colleges in the capacity of Mentoring, St. Louis, MO,  coaching Step, St. Louis, MO and installing its programs within many districts. The Divine III has successfully graduated more than 200 high school seniors and enrolled them into the college of their choice. 


               This program works to instill positive development, character and individualized success in all participants regardless to their current circumstances. The organization as a whole operates as a family and takes the sense of home very seriously to give youth something they can really call their own.


             Jazzmine Nolan wanted to impact youth that endured the same or similar challenges as she did growing up in the city of St. Louis, MO. She used her talent of stepping as the activity and still remains her outlet with her passion for urban youth development to build the program more than 200 youth have benefited from to date.