The Divine III Step Team and Mentoring Program

St. Louis Female Step Team and Mentoring Program 


Stepping, St. Louis, MO


Greetings and Salutations,

                The Divine III Step Team and Mentoring Program is celebrating 10 years of Youth Development, Mentoring and Stepping, St. Louis, MO. During the 10 years of servicing young ladies, and at one time young men, I have celebrated every day that I was able to be a part of so many lives that would someday change the world in the areas of service, human development, mentoring and the arts. I have and am currently working tirelessly in the efforts of planting confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, self-discipline and leadership in every young woman that enter The Divine III family. These efforts make an enormous impact on the many communities that look to us for strength, endurance, power, patience, love, care and support.


         When I started this organization  in 2007, at age 18, I had 35 youth participating and we practiced in my high school’s cafeteria with extremely limited resources, money or support. However, I was determined to give youth as much as I had to offer. To date, I have spent more than $50, 000.00  of my income through my career in residential healthcare on the maintaining of the program. I have single handidly graduated 300+ youth and am proud to report all of them have enrolled and or graduated from the universities/colleges of their choice. As a 1st Generation undergraduate and graduate student, I have mentored my youth through both processes as well. 


            In order for one to understand my approach to youth development, one must understand where I come from. I was a rebellious young girl, born and raised in North St. Louis, MO to a single mother. At Gateway Middle School, I was attracted to the stepping program, which I knew would be the vehicle to helping many girls like me, someday. I continued the program into my high school, Career Academy, and to date I still effect change amongst young girls that faced disposition, depression, anger, silence and rebellion for any reason, through this organization. Losing my father to murder at age 12 changed my life forever and the only coping mechanism that has worked for me is stepping. I take my time and get to know each and every last one of my children in order to reach them where they are. I listen to them and I accept them for who they are while teaching them to do the same for their sisters. When a child knows that you love, support and care for them, even in the midst of their wrong, there is nothing they will not receive from you-that is my philosophy on reaching today's youth.


             All my children mean the world to me. The Divine III was not built off the principle of winning step shows, but the principle of hearing the unheard, reaching the unreachable and serving the under-served through love, care and support.  I want to thank you for your continued support of The Divine III Step Team and Mentoring Program. There are so many ways you can support our mission, from mentoring youth to tutoring youth or sponsoring events to raising funds for them. I hope you will celebrate the organizations past and future during our 10th year of service. Help me share the story of how we make an impact on the lives of our youth and those in our communities as we continue to reach youth where they are.   



Jazzmine Nolan MPA